Excellence – Renovated

We’ve taken this building here in Miami, Oklahoma through a major overhaul.  Residents of The Lofts at St. James Court can attest to the change.  All the apartments have been updated; living spaces have gone from drab to dramatically different.  What was once outdated and passé is now modern and welcoming.  St. James LLC is proud to have kept the historical integrity of the building intact while adding extra touches of loft-style living.  Here’s what we’ve done.

  • The first floor has been dedicated to commercial use.  Current tenants include a law firm and a great Cafe.
  • Travel up the elevator to the second and third floors, and you’ll view studio, one and two-bedroom apartments that have fresh flooring and paint.  A coin-operated laundry facility nearby offers the convenience of on-site cleaning.
  • The fourth and fifth floor apartments are our crowning jewels.  These loft-style spaces are complete with wood floors, ceramic tile, custom cabinetry, new appliances and wireless internet access.  Loft residents enjoy free access to the building’s fitness room.
  • Fully furnished corporate apartments allow businesspeople to live in a comfortable setting while they’re here in Miami. 

Contact us today to see firsthand how The Lofts is now an updated, upbeat place to live.  Call  (918) 542-5378  and schedule a free tour.

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