Loft-style Living

At the topmost floors of The Lofts at St. James Court, luxurious amenities welcome you home. Open the door to your third or fourth-floor apartment here in Miami, Oklahoma, and you’ll notice custom-made cabinetry and new appliances. Bring your laptop inside and tote it from kitchen to couch to bedroom; a free wireless internet connection makes it easy to be mobile. Optional free maid service takes care of any dust that dares to accumulate. Here, you’re free to kick back and retreat into your own comfortable space.

The above vision is what St. James Court, LLC had in mind when drawing up renovation plans, and it’s one we’ve achieved. Though all five floors of this building have something to offer the residential or commercial tenant, the top two floors are special. At this writing, they’re the most recently renovated apartment spaces for rent here in Miami, and we’ve priced them extremely competitively.

Pricing for a one bedroom apartment begins at $615, and the two-bedroom floor plan is available for $895. That fee covers much more than living space. We’ll take care of all your utility and cable obligations as well, and don’t worry about purchasing a separate gym membership – for you, access to the building’s fully-equipped fitness room is free.

Contact The Lofts at St. James Court today by calling (918) 542-5378 . We’ll take you on a tour and let you know which units are currently available for loft-style living.

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