All-Inclusive Ease

Here at The Lofts at St. James Court, Miami, Oklahoma residents don’t worry about monthly fluctuations in energy costs. During their time as tenants here, they won’t write a single check to the utility company. It’s all thanks to the all-inclusive philosophy followed by the Lofts at St. James Court, which reads as follows: one payment every month takes care of electric gas and water. We don’t see any reason why your life can’t be as hassle-free as possible here in Miami, Oklahoma. Take advantage of our all-inclusive ease. You’ll reap the following benefits:

  • Amidst times of uncertainty, your rent check will stay the same. Sign a lease for one of our Miami, Oklahoma apartments, and you’ll simultaneously lock in a utility rate. No one knows how much higher the prices of oil and gas will rise, but as a resident of The Lofts at St. James Court, you won’t be affected by sudden spikes.
  • On-call maintenance is part of the deal. You won’t wait days for problems to be fixed; we have a maintenance person on call who will quickly remedy your issues.
  • Cut down on health membership costs by working out in our on-site fitness room. Offered as part of the rent cost for residents, it makes following an exercise plan as easy as walking down the hall.

Aside from the obvious amenities, you’ll also enjoy close proximity to entertainment and dining venues in the ever-growing downtown area. It’s a win-win. Come home to the all-inclusive ease of The Lofts at James Court. Call today to schedule a tour.

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